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Our last Australian days are dedicated to beautiful Tasmania. Everything seems to go at a still slower, more tranquil and even friendlier pace. Hobart is a prospering port town situated well inland on a sound that opens up into many different bays. We stay at The Henry Jones Art Hotel, created in a row of former warehouses right on the wharf. Strolling through the well-preserved oldest parts of town, we get the feeling of being back somewhere in England. The grey skies at the Port Arthur Historic Site make the ruins of this former prison for the deported even more depressing than the stories told about the unfortunate that have been dumped here for mostly minor crimes committed in England.

Heading up north we stop at the MONA – the Museum of Old and New Art displaying the private collection of David Walsh who sometimes calls it a subversive Disneyland for adults.

Along the North East coast we watch birds, sea lions and dolphins and admire the red cliffs and rocks in Freycinet National Park and along the Bay of Fire.  

Navigation: Singapore | The Great Ocean Road

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