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The Great Ocean Road

Getting out of Melbourne, we first head to the Surfers Paradise at Bells Beach. This is one of the world most renowned beaches for surfers and home to the world’s longest continuously running surfing competition. From here on we travel along the Great Ocean Road, another of Australia’s top scenic attractions. The road winds around and over cliffs, giving us spectacular views of rocky beaches and gets us to Cape Otway.  On the way out to the lightstation we spot some Koalas in the trees along the road. There is a park at the lighthouse making the time before GPS come alive, when many a ship was wrecked on these shores, just shortly before making port in Melbourne. They had to find their way through the narrow Bass Strait that is like the eye of a needle to the navigator. Just a little too much wind from the south or a slight error of the helmsman spelt disaster along that rocky coast.

The first glimpse of the Twelve Apostles knock the wind out of us. This torn stretch of coast is just breathtaking. We get onto a chopper to get the full view of this amazing stretch of limestone cliffs that extends over miles and miles. Visiting from the air also helps escaping the throngs of mainly Korean, Chinese and Japanese tourists who taken out from Melbourne and back on a gruesome full day bus tour, whereas we allow a full four days for this trip.

Navigation: Tasmania | Melbourne

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