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This is our third visit to Yangon and part of it is changing at a rapid pace like many cities in developing countries, but thankfully other parts have not yet been affected by the bulldozers of rampant speculation. Anyway Swedagong pagoda will not change fundamentally – it stays a serene place of worship and beauty. Life and many houses in the downtown district still ooze the colonial spirit and display their facades, that show the markings of monsoon rains. The painters who are giving the Independence Monument in Maha Bandula Park next to Sule Pagoda a makeover still use bamboo for scaffolding. Just around the corner you get served an absolutely stylish Capucino while taking a brake in the bar of the beautifully renovated Strand Hotel.

    Our travel tips:

  • Savoy Hotel has still that cosy colonial style and feeling – not yet converted into just another all-world place. Definitely Boutique. Very good food.
  • Restaurant Junior Duck at the harbor. This is where the local people go. Bleak, boisterous, absolutely great food. Don’t let you be put off by the looks and try to get a table on the terrace – weather permitting.
  • Said to bee one of the best restaurants in East Asia: Seeds Restaurant and Lounge – make reservation before leaving home and use your Swiss-German on the owners (formerly Planters and even bafore Rigiblick Zürich).
Navigation: Sydney | Yangon Sanni Foundation

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