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Itinerary to Kashmir Zanskar and Ladakh

This trip brings us to the westernmost part of the Himalayan arc. It’s also the area where the mountain range is at its widest and most rugged. Here you can experience the brutal force of the indien plate crashing into the asian plate.

This map shows our itinerary through the Kashmir Valle on the lower left. From Srinagar we veture into the foothills around Pahalgam – also known as the Switherland of India. To the west we climb the road up to Gulmarg to see Indias most famous ski resort.

Back in Srinagar we start our drive into the maze of the western Himalayas. A steep climb over Zoji La pass brings us very close to the demarcation line to Pakistan at Kargil. We turn southward into the Suru Valley crossing several passes and turning east to reach the heart of Zanskar at Padum. High and steep rockfaces enclose us in the Zanskar gorge heading north again. Climbing over two passes at 5’000 m we reach the valley of the Indus river and end the trip at Leh in Ladakh.

Gulzar Hussain is our tour organizer, guide and very dear friend. Let Wilderness Treavel praise him:

Recently featured in Condé Nast Traveler as one of the “50 People to Know in the Himalayas,” Gulzar Hussain has an incredible knowledge and passion for the wildlife, history, and culture of his homeland in the Himalayas. With a bachelor’s degree in science and an MBA in tourism, he currently specializes in sustainable tourism planning and policy. He is the co-author of the book, Journey through Paradise, an in-depth guide to Kashmir, Ladakh, and Jammu, and is the founder of the Nomadic Center for Arts and Crafts in Puga Changthang. The Nomadic Center gives underprivileged, vulnerable, Nomadic children better access to health care and education, and involves them in creative arts and wildlife conservation projects. As a naturalist and guide, Gulzar loves sharing his passion for the remote, remarkable, and delicate ecosystem of the Himalayas with fellow adventurers. He enjoys photography and finds that his pictures help bring his stories to life during evenings spent around the camp fire.

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