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Chief Camp Okavango

Africa2019-104Chief Island lives up to the reputation to be immensely rich of wildlife – unfortunately, they take quite some money from you, if you want to see it yourselves. Chief’s Camp is the less plush than the famous Mombo Camp, but you still end up in a five star resort, way out in the bush of the Okavango delta and they are the only two to choose from.


Africa2019-110On the other hand, you really get to see and watch them all. There are several large lion prides – we come across one with eight members. A band of three impressive males Golden, Boston and Brown proudly present their immense manes and make sure they stay in command of their girls. We meet the various prides several times, as you can see in the pictures


Africa2019-114A leopard gives us the grand tour of his hunting ground.


Africa2019-106Buffalo by the hundreds come along grazing and rising a huge dust cloud as we enjoy our sundowner.


Africa2019-121The white rhinos are difficult to track. We only find them because our driver is in constant contact with the guards following them and securing them from poachers.


Africa2019-131We even get to see the black rhino! That finally makes us meeting all of the ‚big five‘, as the white rhino is not part of them. Brooks calls us from breakfast as he spotted two of them at the waterhole in front of the lodge. Light is still very, very low and I have to pull every trick on my camera to get a decent picture of the two animals in the distance. Unbelievably, many of the other tourists don’t realize the presence of the rhinos or don’t bother to interrupt their meal.


Africa2019-133At lunchtime, a family of elephants visits the waterhole and we have fun watching their offspring playing around.


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