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Drenmo Wildlife Lodge

Coming over Zoji La we cross from Kashmir into Ladakh in the Indian Western Himalayas. Drenmo Lodge sits above a valley forking off the main road at Dras the first village after the pass.

We come to Drenmo to set up our tripods with a telephoto lens on the camera or a strong scope. We are lucky and the Himalayan Brown Bears show up in the fading light of the evening as well as in the first sunlight next morning.

They are extremly endangered and at the moment their population is estimated at about 800 out of which 130 are living in the Indian Western Himalayas Drenmo Lodge is part of an effort to bring interested tourists to the region and generate income for the local population, thus changing their attitude from killing the bears to helping them survive.

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Navigation: Gulmarg Zoji La | Suru Valley

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