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Itinerary Ladakh 2020

We visited Ladakh once before on our second trip to India in 1988 and were mesmerized by the landscape, the people and the contact with Tibetean Buddhism that is widely practised. This trip made us travelling to many places along the Himalayan range all the way east to Buthan.

At the beginning of 2020 Covid starts to get going and travel restrictions are looming on the horizon.

However fascinating stories about the Snowleopards roaming in the mountains of Ladakh reach us and the Ulley Snow Leopard Lodge seems to be the place to go looking for them. We leave Zürich at the end of February heading to Delhi. From there it is a one hour flight up to Leh at an altitude of 3’500 meters. For 10 days we take part in festivals, re-visit monasteries and spot Snowleopards and other wildlife of the region.

Our departure from Ladakh is on the day the government closes down all travel to India due to Covid. Our return flight to Zurich gets cancelled, we get stuck in Delhi for two nights and finally reach home via Dubai and Frankfurt on the day the Swiss border gets closed for non residents!

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