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Kalahari Desert

Africa2019-202After six days in the delta, we switch to drier country. The Kalahari Plaines Camp is situated in a very different habitat, surrounded by dry grassland, scattered stands of trees and bushes. The long straight horns of Oryx stand above the grass and we get a good show as two males fight it out with loudly crashing horns and springboks are enjoying the last rays of sun.


Africa2019-206Heading out in the twilight of the next morning two honey badgers refuse to give way to us as they run for more than a kilometer in front of our car until they finally disappear into the bushes. Along the way we come across bat-eared foxes, black-backed jackals, squirrels and of course a lot of birds.


Africa2019-211Three cheetahs make for the undergrowth to go into hiding and hope to get a bite for dinner.


Africa2019-216Giraffe are looking down on us, are majestically gaiting from one tree to the next to nibble a bite and one of them is kind enough to cross in front of the setting sun.


Africa2019-223The last morning in the Kalahari is full of exciting action: First the vultures descend on the waterhole to fill up. Next a pack of wild dogs shows up. They get interested in a group of wildebeests that is grazing nearby and decide to show off their hunting skill. However, the males spread out and start chasing the dogs while the females form a protective circle around their offspring. Numbers being not in their favor the wild dogs have to admit defeat and lumber off.


Africa2019-225As we want to descend from the jeep at the airstrip, Doris jells ’snake‘. Brooks: black mamba! And klick, klick, klick ….. our shutters go. Beautiful but deadly, she keeps everybody at a very respectful distance and we only descend once the ’she went into a whole‘ gives the all clear.


Navigation: Chief Camp Okavango | Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

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