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Kangra Valley Toy Train

20180221_130824_NIKON D500_DxO.jpg20180221_150854_NIKON D500_DxO.jpg20180221_165227_NIKON D500_DxO.jpg20180221_162314_NIKON D500_DxO.jpgThis is the day when my rail fan soul gets its fill. We travel for three hours on the Kangra Valley Railway from Kangra to Baijnath Paprola. The line runs from Pathankot to Joginder Nagar, covers 164 kilometers, climbs 958 meters and runs on 2 ft 6 in (760 mm) tracks. It was opened in 1929 to serve in the construction of a hydroelectric power plant. During the Second World War, the British dismantled the line because they were short or rails. In 1954 the line reopened. Today it sees lively passenger traffic, as the fares are ridiculously low and even cheaper than the bus fare.


20180223_095646_NIKON D500_DxO20180223_095326_NIKON D500_DxOFrom the terminus at Joginder Nagar there is a spur that climbs steeply to the powerhouse. There you can dare to board the old cable car that follows the pressure tubes steeply uphill. As there was no road to the next valley, where part of the water for the powerhouse comes from, a combination of no less than haulage trolley sections had to be built, to reach the Barot valley. I found some great Youtube videos about this hidden marvel. Going back to the region, I would never miss riding it!


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Navigation: Shimla | Kangra Valley

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