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Leh 2020

The flight from Delhi to Leh offers a view of one of the most spectacular mountainrainges we have ever seen. Make sure you get on an early morning flight so you get over the mountains before the morning haze rises from the plains an do get an A seat not over the wing! The foothils rise abruptly and we spot towns and villages spread out over the crests. Suddenly everything turns white as the terrain rises. Deep valleys open up and most bizzare formations catch the eye.

This incredible maze are the mountains of Zanskar. The highest peaks on the horizon are Nun and Kun. With over 7’000m they are the highest mountains in the Indian Western Himalayas.

As the plane turns to enter the Indus valley to approach Leh we get a distant view of the mighty Karakorum range that is dominated by 4 peaks over 8’000m.

Navigation: Delhi 2020 | Stok Festival 2020

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