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Nagarhole National Park

20181201_073212_DMC-GM5_DxOWe climb back up into and over the mountains to get to the Nagarhole National Park in the state of Karnataka. The park lines the western side of the Kabini reservoir. A big dam holds back the waters of the Kabini river and forms a long and winding lake, giving home to many species of birds and other water oriented wildlife. The forests of the park let you look out for Mowgly, Bagheera, Shere Khan and Baloo to appear behind the next bend in the road. We didn’t meet them in person, but quite a few of their relatives.


20181130_132440_NIKON D500_DxO20181130_174902_NIKON D500_DxOThe Evolve Back Resort located beautifully right on the waterfront is home to us for three nights. During the first evenings sunset cruise we meet two otters and watch them fishing and dining on their catch.


20181201_165312_NIKON D500_DxO20181201_172643_NIKON D500_DxOA boat safari on the river let us meet the different birds, a crocodile, spiders, monkeys and many more who live along the waterfront.


20181202_171338_NIKON D500a_DxO20181202_172326_SM-G935FThere is one prime goal for our morning and evening game drives have: find the tiger! We know we will have to be lucky, and on the third trip, we finally run into one. The lady is lazily going about her business marking her territory, crossing right and left across the road in front of us, sniffing and marking the trees. Word of our sighting spreads and after 20 minutes we are joined by buses with cameras and heads hanging out of every window. That being to much action for our tiger, she just disappears into the dense underbrush. What a sighting!


Don’t miss to go through the picture gallery below to see the many other species we spotted: e.g. elephants, mongoose, different deers, etc. and a lot more pictures of the tiger.


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