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Nearing Rangdum we meet the first buddhist structures as this area at the end of the Suru valley culturaly belongs to Zanskar. There is a 90° bend in the main valley and some sidevalleys join here. At this strategic location a monastery was built in the 18th century. Buddhist monasteries very often serve as defence posts for the protection of the area on important crossroads.

We enjoy afternoon tea and watch the sunlight settle over the monastry throwing shadows over the spectacular rugged mountains surrounding us. A cold night awaits us in our tents at 4’000m.

Next morning we cross into Zanskar at the Pensi La – 4’480m – and stop at a viewpoint to take in the enormity of the 23km long Drang Drung glacier.

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Navigation: Suru Valley | Dzongkul, Sani

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