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Relaxing and sightseeing

 This one is for you …….. the one’s that still are thriving to understand Goethe’s owfully difficult language 😉
We spent the first day on Kauai’i relaxing in our cottage that dates from the 1930’s and is only softly restored and adapted to the 21st century. The plantation-grounds abounden with stunning trees, among them some enormous Banjans.
We met the first cock in the Avis-parking lot. They are running free throughout the whole Island. This extremly self contious fellow thinks he owns our home. Nevertheless he is not too proud to run away with the cookies we throw at him

On the way to the beach, to watch the sunset we met this noisy fellow!

Next day we were off to the Grand Canyon …… of Hawaii.
Lookout to the North toward the extremly steep Na Pauli coast. The drop is about 1’100 meters.
We are never content with just visiting by the blacktop road. Some more Vistas were only accessible by …….. which go a lot more dirty further on.
We did neet the 4WD and the Low gears to get to …..
The walk through the primeaval forest rewarded us with another breathtaking view.
 …….. for today!
Navigation: Kauai Süd- und Westküste | Waikiki to Waimea