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Kashmir has a long history. We visit Burzahom that is a sort of Kashmir’s Stonehenge dating back to 5000-1500 BC.

In the 1st century AD a general buddhist council united delegates from all over India at the Harwan monastry.

Shah-e-Hamdan Masjid is unique as it is buit in wood. First started in 1395 it burned down several times. The present structur dates from 1731 and is exqusitly decorated inside and out.

Jamia Masjid is build of brick and its prayer hall is supported by wooden pillars.

There are still many highly skilled workers hand producing fabulous carpets, shawls, pashminas, dresses, etc. using traditional techniques that have been handed down over generations. The work is done by men not women and unfortunately very fiew young ones are interested in carrying on the tradition.

Jalali Heritage House was built in 1863 by a very rich family of traders. Its outside features a beautiful garden and the windows are covered with intricate laticework. The house is carefully restored and lets you estimate the wealth that was generated by trading on the silk road.

As a special treat Gulzar organized a concert of Sufiana Mausiqi for us. This music style has its roots in the 15th century and mixes persian, central asian and indian influences.

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Navigation: Muslim Delhi | Pahalgam

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