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Did we come around half the world to step out into good old England? No – but strolling around in The Rocks in Sydney just gives you a very familiar feeling. It is not the old buildings, narrow streets and the pubs lining them that tell you that you are in Australia. Just listen to the special way people are treating the ‘A’s in their words, look at their faces from all over the world and – sorry to say – their figures and dress-style, then you definitely recognize the Australians. However, they are extremely friendly and open-minded and we get along with them just great.

Sydney has many breathtaking views and we are fortunate enough to stay in a room where we can watch the Opera House from sunrise until after sunset. Our tour at the Opera House lets us have a peek into the Concert Hall and gives a lot of background information about the whole complex – alas, we miss the opportunity to attend a performance at the Opera Hall, as it is closed due to an ongoing renovation.

Stepping on board one of Captain Cook’s Harbor Story Cruises we get a feeling for the way people live – many in great luxury – along the unending shores of the innumerable inlets, fingers and bays that form Sydney harbor. We get another great peek at this maze from 300 meters up above the city at the Sydney Tower Eye. History unfolds at the Australian National Maritime Museum with exhibits about the Aborigines, the arrival of the first discoverers and transportees, the different waves of immigrants and many boats and ships. Most impressive and important is the seaworthy replica of Captain Cook’s ship HMB Endeavour. Last but not least we payed tribute to the (in-)famous Bondi beach and survived a sunday night in a room above one of the roudy watering holes along the promenade.

Navigation: East Coast | Yangon

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