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Yangon Sanni Foundation

We accompany members of the board of the Sanni Foundation on their annual fact finding visit to Yangon, where they support Medical Action for Myanmar and organize sponsorships for extremely needy children. During the visit of one of the presently nine clinics MAM operates in Yangon, we meet with the founders of MAM Dr. Ni Ni Tun and Dr. Frank Smithuis. We are very impressed by the simple, but highly efficient way they are providing live saving medical care through their day-clinics and the network of 750 Community Health Workers they have set up to bring basic medical services to the remote mountainous regions in NE Myanmar. Please visit the websites of Sanni Foundation and MAM to learn more about their work and how you can help too.

The second day we accompany the sponsored children on their annual visit and picnic to the Yangon Zoo.

Navigation: Yangon | One (+one+one) Night in Bangkok ……

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