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Zanskar Valley, Singe La

Part of the road through the gorge of the Zanskar river is already open to travel – albeit with occasional delays where blasting is under way to widen the initially only very narrow road. Rockfaces up to 600m high fence us in and give a glimps at the enormous forces that are at work in this collison zone between the Indian and Cental Asian landmasses.

At the Nerak bridge at 3’200m we start our steep and long climb up from the Zanskar river. The maze of fissurs, cracks and gorges that cut through the mountains absolutely startles us.

For a seemingly endless time the road winds up along mountainsides. We pass some peacefully grazing urials (red sheep) and cannot stop gaping at the view that encompasses more and more peaks….

… until we reach the top of Singe La at 5’060m. The wind not only sends the prayers from the flags flying but gives us a nice chill as well.

Our last campsite is also the highest at 4’400m near Photoksar. The next morning we say goodbye to the great crew that will travel 11 hours that day to meet a group at the other end of Ladakh!

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Navigation: Padum | Photoksar, Wanla

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