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Indus Valley, Leh

Comming out of the maze of the Zanskar range into the Indus valley we visit the Alchi Choskhor Tempel. This impressive historic monastic complex is artistically the most important one in Ladakh. Due to the high number of tourists visiting the site photography is now completly banned. However I have included some pictures I have taken in 1988 and some from 2020. You can access these gallerys by clicking 1988 and 2020.

We meet the Zanskar river again at it’s confluence with the mighty Indus (foreground) that continues a long and winding route through the Karakorum and Pakistan to empty out into the Arabian Sea. At the inevitable checkpoint we are forced by persistent ladys to buy some of the delicious dryed apricots grown in Ladakh.

After many days on the road we revel in the quiet and luxury of the fabulous Indus River Camp. We explore Leh, do some shopping and admire the stunning view over the town from the Tsemo Maitreya Temple towering above the Royal Palace.

To celebrate the end of the trip a curated vegetarian dinner at the Tsas restaurant in the Dolkhar Resort tops off our culinary experience. We are equaly savoring the dishes with our palate and eyes.

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Navigation: Photoksar, Wanla | Ladakh Festival

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